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"I had the fortune of meeting Michelle in 2015, while in Brigade Command and learned of her new Skin-EEZ Hydrating socks. After receiving several pairs of socks, I passed them out to my Soldiers for testing and evaluation. Over the next several months in the spring of 2016 my Soldiers wore the socks in combat in Afghanistan and other OCONUS locations. I received several good reports that the socks worked extremely well and keep the Soldiers feet dry and hydrated even in the hottest weather and dramatical reduced the number of hot spots on there feet from heat and sweat. Skin-EEZ socks were very effective in foot care and keeping my Soldiers feet in better condition then the standard boot sock. These were a much better option for Soldiers than expensive socks from major retailers that did not provide any better feet protection from moisture and extremely dry feet that most soldiers incur during hot, dry combat environments. I saw positive results and recommend this product for Soldier wellness."

Richard Menhart Colonel, US Army - Retired

"I learned of Michelle and her team last year, and of her Skin-EEZ socks. When I received the socks, my wife, who has joint issues, and I both tried them out. The socks work great in Florida’s humid climate and my wife raves about them. My wife is especially prone to blisters and she loves these socks because they reduce hot spots and heel chafing. We both experienced exceptional results and will recommend Skin-EEZ products to our friends, family and active military colleagues. Thank you for producing a superior product!"

Lee G. Hudson Colonel, US Army - Retired

"I suffer from extremely dry skin and have had years of foot problems with normal boot socks. All the SKIN-EEZ socks that I’ve tried have helped moisturize my skin and the compression socks have helped with the circulation in my legs. I wore these through two deployments and highly recommend giving them a try!"

David Woods U.S. Army Retired